Our Company

We are borne to support agriculture development

Our Story

The international brand name Fertamin was established under Fertamin Agriculture Production Investment Research Company Limited, working on as family-based business with the model of an Export Management Company (EMC).

  • Research 80% 80%
  • Select 70% 70%
  • Produce 98% 98%
  • Trade 90% 90%

Main Fields

In the area of Fertilizer, the department was first founded in 1999 with the Brand of Cow head. Our main exported fertilizer products included specialized NPK Fertilizer (Complete Fertilizer), Organic Fertilizer and Foliar, especially for rice, vegetables, fruit trees and industrial crops. To keep up with the customer demands, we have been constantly researching and manufacturing the best product for your requirement, especially, our products are completely complied with federal safety and environmental pollution.

Good Supply Chain Management & Technologies in Use

To ensure the quality of products

Good After-sale Services

To provide storing – cooking recipes and online support for customer in order to fully consume the nutrition values of vegetables & seeds

On-time & Prompt Delivery

To keep the freshness and full nutrition values of vegetables & fruits